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We offer wide selection of quality RFID & NFC tags, readers, devices and specialty RFID products for automatic identification. We offer custom printing, encoding and converting services with fast delivery times. Customized RFID products with your company features support your brand. High-performing RFID products add value to your processes.

We are happy to guide you on RFID technology and help you select right products and devices for your projects. WEB STORE offers quality NFC/RFID inlays, labels, cards, hard tags, coin tags, on metal tags as well as reader-writers, starter kits and software.

Feel free to contact our sales team directly via sales(at)fentec.fi or +358 10 841 0330.

*Notice: We have a large variety of tags in our stock and are able to deliver most products asap. If you wish to ensure product availability before ordering, please contact our customer service.


We have a broad selection of quality NFC tags and other products, which are aimed especially for consumer solutions and payments with NFC enabled mobile devices. Explore the newest chip types and NFC/RFID readers from the store.


HF selection includes products to be used especially for item level solutions like document management and library solutions. Due to relatively short reading range, it is also easy to use on industrial surroundings for identifying single tags reliably.


If you are looking RFID readers and tags for logistics and industrial use, there are many options for best performing UHF products to suit even the most demanding environments. UHF is suitable for quick identification of large quantities of products and goods at once. We offer variety of tags for harsh industrial use to environmental friendly disposable use.