100% Visibility and Traceability For Tire Manufacturing


At its Pirot plant in Serbia, Tigar Tyres invested in state-of-the-art production and handling systems. The annual production capacity was to be increased from 8 million to 12 million tires. The company wanted the modernization of the plant to improve the product quality and ensure products’ traceability. Besides, the tasking of plant’s forklifts needed to be more efficient.

To achieve a whole new level of process visibility, traceability and data collection, the entire production process required automation. This had to be done without overhauling the complete manufacturing process.

The answer was a turn-key RFID Traceability Solution from Top Tunniste. All production’s transport units are equipped with unique RFID tags for individual identification. A large number of identification points and areas are situated throughout the manufacturing process. The identification data is collected from inputs and outputs of various process phases and combined with data from tasks carried out by forklifts. This data is then combined with other production related data to provide the full visibility and traceability of the process.

Solution combines barcode and RFID identification. Materials are brought into the tire manufacturing process with barcodes but after initial input everything is tracked with RFID. Forklift tasking module distributes MES created tasks to forklifts and handles all related reporting as well.

Under its ambitious project Tigar Tyres succeeded in implementing a major upgrade of its Pirot factory. Its now one of the most modern tire factories in the world. Below a list of some of the benefits of the RFID project in Pirot.

  • 100 PERCENT TRACEABILITY OF TIRES. This ensures that the highest quality standards are always maintained, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • LESS MANUAL LABOUR due to higher automation level in identification.
  • LESS REPORTING ERRORS AND PROCESS ERRORS due to better visibility.
  • REAL-TIME PROCESS DATA available in MES.
  • LOWER COSTS result from the visibility for a number of reasons. The buffer stores are smaller and production processes are now error-proofed, resulting in lower wastage of raw materials and semi-finished products.
  • MORE EFFICIENT FORKLIFT OPERATIONS due to automated task distribution based on MES requests.

Martin Potic, TCT3 BPE & Industrial IS Department Manager at Tigar Tyres puts it this way: “Top Tunniste Traceability solution has greatly helped Tigar Tyres to achieve higher levels of efficiency, lower operating costs, improved quality and full traceability at its Serbian plant.“

Interested in RFID solutions? Contact CEO Jussi-Pekka Koskinen p. +358 10 841 0339 or jp.koskinen(at)toptunniste.fi.

Tigar Tyres

Tigar Tyres, a member of the Michelin Group, manufactures in Pirot entry-level passenger car and light truck tires that are sold under Tigar, Kormoran, Riken and Taurus brands. The plant employs about 3000 workers.



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