Innovative FIFA World Cup 2018 match ball benefits NFC technology - Did you know that FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is played with a smarter football that ever before? adidas Telstar 18 – the FIFA World Cup 2018 official match ball – is the first innovative football, which steps in IoT era with NFC technology. Together with the new panel structure, the NFC technology will Read more
NFC taking part in YÖ-Rogaining - In November 2014 Tampere International YÖ-Rogaining orienteering event was held. Punching, scoring and results were all done with mobile phones. The control points had NFC tags and QR codes which contestants read their mobile phones app. Punching conveyed this way in real-time forward to the organizers. Orienteering checkpoint has sought a sustainable solution for the Read more
Nature trail with NFC technology - In Finland there are thousands of nature trails that run through beautiful landscapes, rivers and buildings along the way. Paths have been built a number of manual signs about sights or regional nature and animals. The problem has been that the information boards will not survive a long time in harsh outdoor environment. NFC technology Read more