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Challenge: Ravanin Pesula Oy wanted to monitor and manage the textile cycle in the washing process and as well in the customers use. Customer requirements for delivery reliability and service are growing continuously.

Solution: Laundry RFID tags were attached to all textiles. Moving textiles are automatically recognized with RFID readers during the laundry process in several stages. Supervision has come more easier when it can predict turnaround times and prioritize those textiles that are most urgently needed. In addition monitoring provides information on textiles life cycle and potential bottlenecks in the process.

RFID makes things easy and fast

Previously laundry service Ravanin Pesula Oy did not have proper tools in order to get accurate information about textile rotational speed, life cycles and problem areas in processes. Current inventory information was also not accurate. Also textiles and trolleys were disappearing and broken in the cycle. Before RFID data were collected with bar codes which slowed process down.

Now the RFID system discusses with the laundry service system and benefits from the laundry service system increases. It is significant that there is no need to add additional process steps and process is not slowing down with identification. Also new installations were done without disturbing the laundry service process.

Ravanin Pesula Oy

Ravanin Pesula Oy is leading producer of laundry service in Finland at Satakunta region area. Customers are hotels, restaurants, as well as healthcare professionals. Customers are hotels, restaurants and healthcare professionals. Market areas are Satakunta, Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa region areas in Finland.

Rental textiles Ravanin Pesula has almost one million pieces and through the process runs weekly more than 60 thousand kilograms of laundry.

Ravannin pesula


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