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Comforta delivers washed textiles in trolleys to their customers from 8 service centers in Finland. When returned, trolleys are filled with textiles in need of washing. Comforta wanted to enhance the circulation of trolleys and through that the circulation of textiles as well. They also wanted to minimize the number of lost trolleys and through that optimize the total number of trolleys.


A pilot on the RFID based trolley tracking system was done and the very positive experiences quickly promoted the system to production use in Finland. All Comforta trolleys were marked with RFID tags and they are read with handheld RFID readers when sent to customers and with RFID gates when returned from them. All the tracking data is stored in a service provided by ToP Tunniste where it can be visualized and managed with a web interface. The data includes for example timestamps, number of circulations and the amount of trolleys in customer and Comforta storages.

Clear savings

The RFID project met its goals. The amount of trolleys in use of customers and service centers is now under better control. Development Manager Panu Kinnari from Comforta states that the system created a solid base for systematic development of logistic and textile circulation. The system has recently been expanded outside Finnish borders as well.

Comforta Oy

Conforta is a subsidiary of Lindström Group. Comforta’s all-inclusive service concept covers all textile service needs in hotel and restaurant business. Long-time experience in hotel business guarantees reliable service for customers. Service is fast and flexible and it can be modified and complemented according to customer’s needs. Comforta´s extensive hotel linen range covers high quality bed linens, soft terry towels and luxury bath robes.


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