Product references

HeartSafe® | Intelligent On-metal NFC tag - Challenge HeartSafe® AED Locator is a company in the United Kingdom that produces and maintains defibrillators for public use. A number of them is situated outdoors. To help the maintenance of the life-saving equipment the company needed a solution that could withstand the climate conditions and would be easy and cheap to maintain. Solution For Read more
German RMV public transport association uses NFC tags - Challenge The public transport company of the Frankfurt/Main region (RMV) was searching for inexpensive, weather- and vandal-resistant NFC tags for bus and tram stops. The tag needed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions in the urban environments. It also needed to be fast and easy to install to different types of materials, including metal. Solution ToP Read more
Eazybreak Oy | NFC and easy lunch break - Challenge Eazybreak was looking for a fast and smooth contactless payment solution. Lunch gets usually eaten in a very short time frame and because of this everything has to work fast and reliably in the restaurant. The company had tried a different kind of contactless payment solution but hadn’t been completely happy with it. In Read more
Tampere City Transport | NFC for bus timetables - Challenge The timetables at public transport bus stops in Tampere region get changed at least twice a year. On most bus stops there are only printed timetables, so informing the passengers about short-time or momentary changes, like public holidays or local delays in the traffic, was not possible. The most used bus stops have digital Read more