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Eazybreak was looking for a fast and smooth contactless payment solution. Lunch gets usually eaten in a very short time frame and because of this everything has to work fast and reliably in the restaurant.

The company had tried a different kind of contactless payment solution but hadn’t been completely happy with it. In a tablet based solution the problem was the location of the NFC feature. The reading area was located in the back of the device, which made it difficult to use.


Top Tunniste created a custom docking station for the reading device. The key feature is that it brings the reading area of the tablet to the front of the device, where it can be used more easily. Now the lunch gets paid smoothly and reliably with an NFC card, sticker or key fob, with simply touching the reading area with the tag.

“Top Tunniste suggested an innovative solution where the reading point was optimally placed”, says Mr. Kai Friman, the CFO of Eazybreak. “Top Tunniste transformed our needs into a prototype in less than a week. We are very happy with the new docking station because now we can control the whole payment solution ourselves. The payment terminal is quick, reliable and very easy to use. We’ve only gotten positive feedback”, Friman continues.

Restaurant owner and customers happy

“Eazybreak is fast and very handy to use – customers keep praising it”, states Anette Paloaho from behind the counter at Aroma restaurant. “We serve about 400 lunches each day and every fourth uses Eazybreak for payment. Technology has proven itself reliable and we’ve had no problems.”

Eazybreak Oy

Eazybreak Service revolutionized lunch payment by bringing a mobile voucher to the market in 2010. Since its launch, the service has been continuously improved to better fit customers’ needs.



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