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The confectionery factory Fazer Makeiset Oy wanted to develop a mobile workforce reporting system to replace traditional pen-and-paper method. Reporting work-related costs required a lot of work and the process had multiple steps. The company wanted that everything should be accounted with an electronic system. Collected data had to be seen in real-time on a web platform so that it could be monitored and accepted by supervisors. The data was also to be relayed to Fazer ERP.


Reporting was established on Trikker Service platform. Personnel now uses a mobile application with an NFC enabled mobile phone to record all work-related tasks and expenses in the field. Reports are collected by touching NFC tags during the day and they are instantly available for the line organization. The data is visible, managed and accepted in web interface. The system relays the data after acceptance to company’s Cognos and SAP systems

From pen and paper to mobile data

Mobile workforce must collect the hours spent, kilometer driven, daily allowances earned and actual work done in multiple sites around the country. To be effective, the reporting has to be done on-site, quickly and easily.

Trikker Service is an NFC enabled mobile solution for an ideal and fast way to record daily activities in the field. The platform can be customized to fit various customer needs. With Trikker Service Fazer Makeiset was presented a turn-key solution that returned the investment in almost an instant.

Fazer Group

Fazer is one of the largest corporations in the Finnish food industry. It employs over ten thousand people in Finland and abroad. The company is the market leader in Finland and a strong player in the Baltic Sea area, exporting products to more than 40 countries. All confectionery factories are located in Finland.




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