Parking with RFID at Finnpark


Challenge: Automatic parking hall gate opening for customers and parking right management.

Solution: Into parking hall driveways were installed RFID readers and antennas which detects RFID tag from car windshield when driving the in to the parking hall. RFID reader checks the data content from the RFID tag and compares it to the customer profile in the parking management system database. If the tag contains a valid right to parking hall, the gate opens automatically. This way customers with the windshield tag can drive to the parking hall effortlessly without stopping and opening a window. When leaving gate opens again automatically when RFID tag enters into reading distance from the RFID reader field.

Parking under control

Finnpark Oy manages the data content in RFID windshield tags. This way limited validity periods can be managed with customers parking rights. It is also possible to connect more data in the tag. For example, more parking halls where parking is allowed can be added to RFID windshield tag. In autumn 2009 ToP Tunniste Oy supplied first RFID reader solution as part of Finnpark parking system in parking hall at Tampere, Finland. The RFID solution has then been taken in use number of parking halls all around Finland in Finnpark parking halls.

Finpark Oy

Finnpark represents international top expertise in parking-related business activities. The Group has over 40 years of experience in building, developing, and maintaining parking facilities. Finnpark has been strongly involved in developing parking management systems for over 20 years. Constantly developing its operations, the Group has a strong stand at the peak of the branch.



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