NFC Media Sample Kit

NFC Media Sample Kit

125€ / piece

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Product Description

NFC Media Sample Kit is a collection of NFC tags in different physical formats: indoor labels, on-metal tags, outdoor tags, hard tags, card tags, key fobs. See what kind of NFC tag is most suitable for you!

Label tags with adhesive on the backside (Indoor):
– Trikker-NTAG BL38, 5 pieces

Label tags with adhesive on the backside (Outdoor & Indoor):
– Trikker-NTAG BT43, 2 pieces

On-metal tags:
– Confidex On-metal sticker tag, 1 piece
– Trikker-NTAG BTM43/50 On-metal NFC tag, 1 piece

Hards tags (Harsh environments, Indoor & Outdoor):
– Confidex NFC Tag Ironside Micro NTAG203, 1 piece
– Coin tag NTAG, 1 piece

– Trikker-UL Keyfob 31, 2 pieces
– Trikker-1k Keyfob 31, 2 pieces

– Trikker-DESfire BC, 5 pieces

Smart Poster:
– NFC Smart Poster, 1 piece

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 33 x 27 x 2 cm