Asset management

Clean identification at Ravanin Pesula

Challenge: Ravanin Pesula Oy wanted to monitor and manage the textile cycle in the washing process and as well in the customers use. Customer requirements for delivery reliability and service are growing continuously. Solution: Laundry RFID tags were attached to…

Logistics Solutions

100% Visibility & Traceability For Tire Manufacturing

Tigar Tyres, a member of the Michelin Group, implemented a major expansion of its factory in Pirot, Serbia, with the aim of increasing production capacity by 50 percent and achieving 100 percent traceability and visibility. Challenge: At its Pirot plant,…

Mobile solutions

Fazer Makeiset Oy – Mobile reporting sweetened with NFC

Challenge: Fazer Makeiset wanted to develop a mobile workforce reporting system to replace traditional pen-and-paper method. Reporting work, kilometers driven, costs and for example problems was a labor intensive and manual process with multiple steps. The mindset was that was…


German RMV public transport uses NFC tags

Challenge: Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund / RMV was searching for inexpensive, outdoor and vandalism-resistant NFC tags for bus and tram stops. The NFC tag needed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions in the urban environments. It also needed to be fast and easy to…


Eazybreak Oy – NFC and easy lunch break

Challenge: Eazybreak was looking for a fast and easy contactless payment solution. Lunch is usually eaten by almost everybody in a very short time frame during the day. Because of this everything has to work fast and reliably. Eazybreak had…