Asset management

Molok containers’ life cycle management moved into digital era

The RFID system tailored to Molok helps in identifying containers and automatizing the product follow-up and support throughout the life cycle. The operations are enhanced by sharing and managing information in real-time among personnel and the end-users involved. Molok offers…

Logistics Solutions
Mobile solutions

Fazer Makeiset Oy | Mobile reporting sweetened with NFC

Challenge The confectionery factory Fazer Makeiset Oy wanted to develop a mobile workforce reporting system to replace traditional pen-and-paper method. Reporting work-related costs required a lot of work and the process had multiple steps. The company wanted that everything should…


Eazybreak Oy | NFC and easy lunch break

Challenge Eazybreak was looking for a fast and smooth contactless payment solution. Lunch gets usually eaten in a very short time frame and because of this everything has to work fast and reliably in the restaurant. The company had tried…