Smart shelves in use at Ferrometal Oy



The leading utensil provider at the Baltic Sea area suffered from a complex and slow order process. It needed automating and updating with the help of RFID technology.


Smart shelf solution by Top Tunniste is based on UHF technology. It supports the required reading distance and enables simultaneous reading of multiple tags. Readers and antennas are from Feig Electronic Long-Range UHF selection and customized Smartrac DogBone inlay meets the requirements of the smart shelf technology.

RFID technology enables the automation of the ordering process. Information from the customer to the utensil provider runs now in real-time: The stock holder no longer needs to read manually barcodes from empty boxes when the shelf does it automatically – and places the order.

Even though RFID could replace barcodes 100% the operation process still allows the use of them as parallel identification system, as it’s still an important part of the identification for many customers. RFID is a crucial part of the product label, which still contains plain text information of the content and a barcode.

An important part of the project was ToP Tunniste’s strong expertise and experience in the RFID reader device software interfaces, identification technology integration of back-end system, as well as taking industrial environment to notice with right RFID reader and tag choices.

RFID integration

ToP Tunniste is fm RFID-Kanban technology provider. ToP Tunniste designed and executed a smart shelf concept to Ferrometal where orders are transmitted without delays directly to Ferrometals SAP system. This fm RFID-Kanban system can be exported to the end customer’s premises without an actual system project and fixed installations. Wireless data transmission also doesn’t require access to the customer’s Ethernet network.

Ferrometal Oy

In the Baltic region, Ferrometal Oy is known as the industry-leading supplier of fasteners and other small accessories required for the assembly and installation of customers’ end products. Having the widest product range in the field ensures that the products required are quickly found and delivered to the customers’ production facilities or work sites in a timely manner.

The RFID-Kanban solutions utilized by Ferrometal allow for excellent speed and reliability when managing small goods logistics – all the way from the manufacturer to the assembly sites.



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