System references

100% Visibility & Traceability For Tire Manufacturing - Tigar Tyres, a member of the Michelin Group, implemented a major expansion of its factory in Pirot, Serbia, with the aim of increasing production capacity by 50 percent and achieving 100 percent traceability and visibility. Challenge: At its Pirot plant, 300km southeast of Belgrade, Tigar manufactures entry-level passenger car and light truck tires that are Read more
Clean identification at Ravanin Pesula - Challenge: Ravanin Pesula Oy wanted to monitor and manage the textile cycle in the washing process and as well in the customers use. Customer requirements for delivery reliability and service are growing continuously. Solution: Laundry RFID tags were attached to all textiles. Moving textiles are automatically recognized with RFID readers during the laundry process in Read more
Smart shelves in use at Ferrometal Oy - Challenge: Difficult and slow order process. Automating and updating the ordering process with RFID. Solution: In the solution is used UHF frequency technology that supports the required reading distance and enables large number of simultaneous tag reading quickly. Feig Electronic Long Range UHF devices and antennas were used as readers and antennas. Smartrac BodBone inlay Read more
Fazer Makeiset Oy – Mobile reporting sweetened with NFC - Challenge: Fazer Makeiset wanted to develop a mobile workforce reporting system to replace traditional pen-and-paper method. Reporting work, kilometers driven, costs and for example problems was a labor intensive and manual process with multiple steps. The mindset was that was that everything should be accounted with an electronic system. Collected data had to be seen Read more
Comforta Oy – Tracking trolleys with RFID - Challenge: Comforta delivers washed textiles in trolleys to their customers from 8 service centers in Finland. When returned, trolleys are filled with textiles in need of washing. Comforta wanted to enhance the circulation of trolleys and through that the circulation of textiles as well. They also wanted to optimise the total number of trolleys and Read more
Valtra Oy – Benefits of inventory management with RFID - Challenge: Tractor production stock automation. Filling stocks shelves smoothly and automaticly. Solution: Each Ferrometal Oy delivered supplementary item is marked with RFID tags. In the production emptied boxes are returned to the smart shelf, where RFID tags are read automatically. Through smart shelf Ferrometal ERP system receives orders if necessary in real time. Smart shelf Read more
Parking with RFID at Finnpark - Challenge: Automatic parking hall gate opening for customers and parking right management. Solution: Into parking hall driveways were installed RFID readers and antennas which detects RFID tag from car windshield when driving the in to the parking hall. RFID reader checks the data content from the RFID tag and compares it to the customer profile Read more
Valio Eesti AS Võru Juust – The use of RFID in the food industry - Challenge: Automate process monitoring. Solution: ToP Tunniste provided RFID based solution is based on RFID tags in cheese molds and RFID readers in the process. They enable the monitoring of the process and process phases. Encapsulated RFID tags can withstand the environmental requirements set by the manufacturing process. Productivity up, errors down RFID can provide Read more