System references

100% Visibility and Traceability For Tire Manufacturing - Challenge At its Pirot plant in Serbia, Tigar Tyres invested in state-of-the-art production and handling systems. The annual production capacity was to be increased from 8 million to 12 million tires. The company wanted the modernization of the plant to improve the product quality and ensure products’ traceability. Besides, the tasking of plant’s forklifts needed Read more
Clean identification at Ravanin Pesula laundry - Challenge Satakunta region’s leading laundry service provider, Ravanin Pesula Oy, wanted to monitor and manage the textile cycle in the washing process as well as in the customers’ use. Customers’ requirements for delivery reliability and service quality are growing continuously, so if you want to succeed your own processes have to be efficient. Solution RFID Read more
Smart shelves in use at Ferrometal Oy - Challenge The leading utensil provider at the Baltic Sea area suffered from a complex and slow order process. It needed automating and updating with the help of RFID technology. Solution Smart shelf solution by Top Tunniste is based on UHF technology. It supports the required reading distance and enables simultaneous reading of multiple tags. Readers Read more
Fazer Makeiset Oy | Mobile reporting sweetened with NFC - Challenge The confectionery factory Fazer Makeiset Oy wanted to develop a mobile workforce reporting system to replace traditional pen-and-paper method. Reporting work-related costs required a lot of work and the process had multiple steps. The company wanted that everything should be accounted with an electronic system. Collected data had to be seen in real-time on Read more
Comforta Oy | Tracking trolleys with RFID - Challenge Comforta delivers washed textiles in trolleys to their customers from 8 service centers in Finland. When returned, trolleys are filled with textiles in need of washing. Comforta wanted to enhance the circulation of trolleys and through that the circulation of textiles as well. They also wanted to minimize the number of lost trolleys and Read more
Valtra Oy | Benefits of inventory management with RFID - Challenge Tractor production stock automation. Filling stocks’ shelves smoothly and automatically. Solution Each supplementary item delivered is marked with RFID tags. Boxes emptied in the production are returned to the smart shelf that reads RFID tags automatically. With the help of the smart shelf, utensil provider Ferrometal’s ERP system receives orders in real time. Smart Read more
Parking with RFID at Finnpark - Challenge Finnpark manages over 15 000 parking spaces on 28 different parking lots. The company wanted to smoothen the parking experience of its contract clients. Automation should enhance the parking right management and make the use of different parking halls for the same client as simple as possible. Also, the management of the validity of parking Read more
Valio Eesti AS Võru Juust | The use of RFID in the food industry - Challenge In grocery industry errors in production can have severe and long-lasting consequences. Supervision has to be efficient because there is no room for error. Monitoring an entire production process engages a lot of workforce and still you can never be sure that there wouldn’t be any mistakes. This dilemma was the reason to automate Read more