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In grocery industry errors in production can have severe and long-lasting consequences. Supervision has to be efficient because there is no room for error. Monitoring an entire production process engages a lot of workforce and still you can never be sure that there wouldn’t be any mistakes. This dilemma was the reason to automate the supervision of the production process.


Top Tunniste provided an RFID based solution: RFID tags are mounted in cheese molds and RFID readers monitor the process. The encapsulated tags withstand the environmental requirements set by the manufacturing process of food and the harsh washing process of the molds.

RFID has made the process much more cost-efficient. The amount of raw material loss has dropped dramatically and unnecessary process phases have been eliminated.

Productivity up, errors down

RFID can provide a dramatic rise in productivity in food industry. The technique is often used to reduce the amount of manual labor and speed up slow production phases thus freeing resources to more productive work. The processes come more precise and errors are eliminated. This also heightens the quality of the work and therefore often the quality of the product.

Valio Eesti AS Võru Juust

Valio Eesti AS Võru Juust is the leading cheese producer in Estonia. The production facilities are located in Tarto. The company is a subsidiary of the Finnish Valio company. Valio Eesti produces more than 150 different milk and cheese products.


Valio Eesti


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