Valtra Oy | Benefits of inventory management with RFID



Tractor production stock automation. Filling stocks’ shelves smoothly and automatically.


Each supplementary item delivered is marked with RFID tags. Boxes emptied in the production are returned to the smart shelf that reads RFID tags automatically. With the help of the smart shelf, utensil provider Ferrometal’s ERP system receives orders in real time. Smart shelf for Valtra is a simple and easy storage solution because no calls, emails or messages are needed, when supplementary items are running out of stock. Production becomes more efficient since delays and errors in the order process caused by human factors are left out. Speed is an asset for Valtra because delays in receiving storage items have an immediate effect in the whole production chain.

When you don’t notice it – it works.

Tractor manufacturer Valtra has now years of experience from RFID smart shelf used in inventory management. The service is based on My.Shelf storage solution designed by Top Tunniste.

“We use RFID technique with hundreds of different products. We have been positively surprised by the versatility of the smart shelf system: we can build almost anything our customer needs on top of this system. With this type of project there always comes challenges, but ToP Tunniste has reacted quickly to all of them and things have been resolved immediately” says Mika Brandt, the CEO of Ferrometal Oy.

Valtra Oy

Valtra Oy develops, manufactures, markets and services Valtra tractors. Valtra tractors are recognized for their reliability, versatility, durability and Nordic roots. Each tractor is specifically designed to individual customer needs and manufactured to withstand the harshest climates and deliver the highest levels of performance in the toughest working conditions. Valtra machines are sold in over 75 countries.



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